About Us

Our Mission

Quill Camp is an extended orientation program that allows incoming students to explore Mason, its vast opportunities, and the surrounding community based on their individual interests. At Quill Camp, you will: 

  • Build friendships with people who have similar interests 
  • Learn about yourself and how you can make the most of your time at Mason 
  • Receive an immersive introduction to both Mason’s distinctive variety of experiences that the Fairfax and greater DC area offer! 

Our History

Quill Camp was founded in 2018 by the office of New Student and Family Programs. Quill Camp helps direct the student transition experience by creating a context in which students can explore Mason and its offerings in a theme of interest. It will also allow students to build connections with peers and faculty/staff, ask questions of their Quill Camp counselors (upper-classmen GMU students), and participate in activities that will introduce them to our surrounding Fairfax and DC communities.