Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What is Quill Camp?

Quill Camp is an extended orientation program that allows incoming students to explore Mason, its vast opportunities, and the surrounding community based on their individual interests. At Quill Camp, you will:

  • Build friendships with people who have similar interests
  • Learn about yourself and how you can make the most of your time at Mason
  • Receive an immersive introduction to both Mason distinctives and the variety of experiences that the Fairfax and greater DC area offer!

2. What is the difference between Quill Camp and orientation?

Orientation at GMU gives incoming freshman a chance to get a feel for Mason’s campus, go through academic advising, choose their classes for the fall semester, and gain exposure to the departments at Mason that provide resources to help student transition.  

Quill Camp builds off of some of these aspects and offers an in-depth opportunity to set roots down at Mason. Quill Camp helps direct the student transition experience by creating a context in which students can explore Mason and its offerings in a theme of interest. It will also allow students to build connections with peers and faculty/staff, ask questions of their Quill Camp counselors (upper-classmen GMU students), and participate in activities that will introduce them to our surrounding Fairfax and DC communities. 

3. Can I participate in multiple Quill Camp programs?

No, you can only choose one Quill Camp program to attend.  Space is limited in each camp. 

4. When/where is Quill Camp?

All Quill Camps will be held on GMU Campus-Fairfax with the exception of Project Peak and Sneak Peak. The camps will be held on the following dates: Quill Camp: Virtual Experience- June 23-24, 2021; Quill Camp: Vision- June 30-July 2, 2021; Quill Camp: Sneak Peak- July 9-11, 2021; Quill Camp: Republic- July 21-23, 2021; Quill Camp: True Crime-July 21-23, 2021; and Quill Camp: Project Peak- August 15-18, 2021. 

5. What are the housing accommodations like?

All participants will have their own dorm room or tent. 

6. Who can participate in Quill Camp?

Any incoming freshman can sign up, including spring admit students (those who are admitted for Spring 2022 can come to Quill Camp in Summer 2021). However, space is limited in each camp and will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

7. Do I have to be a certain major to participate in themed camps?

All camps are open to all incoming freshmen, no matter what your major is.  For example, if you plan to major in engineering but have a passion for politics or service, we would love to have you!

8. How do I sign up for Quill Camp?

Registration is now closed. 

9. How much does Quill Camp cost?

Quill Camp registration for Vision, Republic, and True Crime is $200.00 and includes all food, activity costs, housing, a t-shirt, and Quill Camp swag. Project Peak is $275.00 and Sneak Peak is $175 and includes all activities and related equipment, campground fees, food, a t-shirt, and Quill Camp swag. Virtual is $25.

10. Is there any financial aid available for Quill Camp?

Thanks to the support of the George Mason University Parent and Family Fund, partial scholarships will cover the $175 of the $200 registration fee for Quill Camp: Republic, Quill Camp: True Crime, and Quill Camp: Vision.  Students will still be responsible to pay $25. Scholarships will over $150 of the $175 registration fee for Quill Camp: Sneak Peak. Students will still be responsible to pay $25. The scholarship for Project Peak will cover $175 of the $275 registration fee.Students will still be responsible to pay $100.  Scholarships are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in a Quill Camp Scholarship, please visit our scholarship page.

11. Why should I participate in Quill Camp?

Quill Camp will give you an extra edge in preparing you for success during your time at Mason. You’ll get the opportunity to stay on campus, experience some of the resources and programs Mason offers, and meet students and faculty who will help you along your journey as a Patriot! 

12. What are the differences between the six camps?

The activities of Quill Camp: Vision are centered on developing leadership and service. Quill Camp: Republic is organized around activities pertaining to government and politics. Quill Camp: True Crime explores the world of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Quill Camp: Virtual is our distance COVID friendly experience. Project Peak is centered around the outdoors and adventure, while Sneak Peak is a shorter time period outdoor adventures.

13. How big will the camps be?

Quill Camp(s): Vision, Republic, and True Crime have a 20 person capacity. Project Peak has a 40 person capacity. Sneak Peak has a 32 person capacity, and Virtual Experience has up to a 75 person capacity. Each camp will break individuals up into small cohorts to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

14. Do the camps ever see one another?

The daily programming of each camp is tailored to its specific interest group; therefore each camp will engage in different activities.

15. What do I need to bring for Quill Camp?

We will send you a full packing list, but you should be prepared to bring the following:

  • Toiletries/towels
  • Linens and pillow
  • Clothes and good walking shoes
  • Medications
  • Reusable water bottle
  • 1-2 business professional outfits 
  • Masks

Sneak Peak & Project Peak’s packing list will differ and details will be forthcoming. 

16. What kind of special accommodations does Quill Camp offer?

We are committed to serving all individuals! Should you require any visual, physical, or other accommodations please contact us at so we can be best prepared to serve you! 

? Have more questions? We would love to help! Contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.